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Improve production without investments

It sounds impossible to increase a crushing plant's performance without investing in new machinery. But what if you could run all your existing equipment at optimal setpoints. Wouldn't it increase your production at no cost?
Few crushing plants have investigated and optimized the setpoints for all crushers and screens used. Generally, because it is not economically feasible as testing many different setpoints will negatively affect production. Maybe, you can try a few, but systematically testing many is an overwhelming task. Therefore is the likelihood that a crushing plant is running at optimal setpoints low.

The solution to the problem is to build a digital copy of your crushing plant and simulate different setpoints. The digital copy will not interfere with production, and simulation takes only fractions of time to perform compared to a real-life test. To build a digital copy may also sound like an overwhelming task. However, using our process simulator Plantsmith is simple, fun, and fast. And you can try it out for free. Build a digital copy of your crushing plant in our web-based crusher plant simulator by:
  • pick your different machines from the dropdown menu and drag them to the board

  • connect them

  • set your current operating setpoints

  • run a simulation, and plant performance will be calculated.

Now you are ready to play around and try alternative options of setpoints. Increase your knowledge of how different equipment settings will affect plants performance. Plantsmith gives you instant feedback. This is the modern way to create the insights required on how to optimize the overall production in any crushing plant.

You may think that this is not worth the effort. You are already happy with the way your plant is running, but remember that there are always three different ways to harvest the benefits of optimization:

1. produce the same amount of products but in a shorter time. Use the time freed up for equipment maintenance, training of people, or reducing the number of working hours.

2. always produce the optimal mix of products. By developing better recipes, production becomes more flexible. As a result, you can better meet changing demands in the market and reduce your stockpiles of products.

3. increase your output of salable products. If you are in this lucky situation that you can sell more than you currently produce, payback is apparent.

We have found over the years that the potential for optimization is far greater than people think. Even in well-managed crushing plants, the potential is often between 4-10%. Saving or earnings that will directly improve your bottom line.

Don't wait! Try out the Roctim Planthsmith web-based crushing plant simulator for free by following this link

No credit card is required!


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