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Increase profitability and sustainability


Plant simulations are changing the manufacturing industry. A plant simulation can be extremely beneficial to a crushing plant.


These are some of the benefits: that can be expected:​


​Investment optimization – Simulate different options making sure that the optimal solution is selected​


Waste minimization - In many cases, the performance is not as good as expected or sometimes the correct quality product is not produced.


Efficiency Improvement – Identify bottlenecks or underperforming equipment and find ways to resolve the problems.

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Simple, fun, and fast ...

It is simple, fun, and fast to build your crusher plant simulator:

  • pick different machines from the dropdown menu and drag them to the board


  • connect them and set operating parameters


  • and with a simple click, plant performance will be simulated.​


Gives you instant feedback and knowledge. Creating the insights required on how to optimize overall production in your crusher plant. 

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Create and simulate your crushing plant


Do you need to increase output, minimizing waste, or optimize your crushing plant?​


Do you want to maximize the result of your investments in new machinery?​

​Our crushing plant simulator enables you to visualize your crushing plant and simulate different options.  Our models of machinery used in crushing plants will project the outcome.


The fastest and cheapest way to improve the business performance of your crushing plant.

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The future of plant siumlations ...

Roctim Plantsmith is a new approach to make mineral process simulations. It helps users to configure, visualize, and predict the performance of mineral processes.


Typical users are plant designers, engineers, producers, and operators who want to understand and improve the quality and resource utilization of their processes. The main benefit of our approach is that it removes the threshold and set-up time to start process simulations:

  • non-simulation experts can use the simulator as is simple and intuitive to use 

  • no installation or configuration of programs is required as it is web-based

  • we have a flexible pricing model and you can try it out for free.

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A web-based tools offers many advantages...




No installation required


  • Easy and simple access. Multiple users can share the same data and models.

  • Advanced and capacity demanding simulations performed in any device, “on the move.”

  • Lowered cost, the user can pay only for the functionality and period they need the simulator.

  • Continuous upgrading with new functionalities.


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